Electronic Components
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Solid Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Plastic Film Capacitors "Posi-R"
    Electric Double Layer Capacitors "EVerCAP"
    Function Modules


    Tantalum Capacitors



    Electronic Double Layer Capacitor (STARCAP) / Gold Capacitors / Super capacitors

  • Lithium Coin Cell Battery (CR series)
    Lithium Rechargeable Coin Cell Battery (ML series)
    Li-Polymer Thin cell


    Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

  • Chip Ceramic Capacitors, Chip inductor, Power Inductor, Ceramic Resonator, Ferrite Bead, Common Mode Filter, Common Mode Choke Coils, Transformer

  • Ceramic Capacitors, High Value Multilayer Capacitors, Chip inductor, Power Inductor, Ferrite Bead, EMI Filter, Common Mode Choke Coils.

  • Chip Ceramic Capacitors, Chip inductor, Ceramic Resonator, Ceramic Filter, Ferrite Bead, Thermistors.

  • Switches / Encoders,  Potentiometers


  • Polyester Film Capacitors

    Polypropylene Film Capacitors


  • Connector & Cable


  • Comparators, Amplifiers and Op-Amps, Power Amplifiers, PWM and PFC Controllers, Linear Regulators, Switching Regulators, Voltage Detector, Motor Driver.

  • Transistors, Diodes, MOSFET, Tantalum Capacitors

  • MCU